MicroMix Material Estimating System


Paint & material estimates present a unique set of challenges

Producing accurate paint material estimates isn't easy. Most recognize that the "Hours x Dollars" method is inconsistent and alternatives have proven to be costly and time consuming.

Today's method makes it difficult to:

> Easily itemize materials used for each repair since many materials are purchased in bulk;

> Accurately charge for materials used in blend and refinish operations which will vary for each repair and paint type use.

Introducing MicroMix Material Estimating System

Software designed to provide accurate itemized material estimates

With MicroMix Material Estimating System users can produce an itemized estimate of the paint & materials typically used on a collision repair. Unlike other methods MicroMix provides an estimate that is specific to the products your shop uses and accounts for both refinish and blend operations.


MicroMix Material Estimating System provides
  • Data from major auto refinish paint companies used in more than 90 percent of the shops performing carrier-related work;
  • Actual consumption rates for refinishing materials based upon industry research;
  • EMS interface with CCC-One, CCC CompEst, AudaExplore and Mitchell UltraMate estimating systems for easy information transfer;
  • One-click itemized report generation that can be attached as an image or printed;
  • Flexibility to make specific adjustments, when required, based on the individual repair being processed.

Program Overview

Company Setup

Getting started with MicroMix Material Estimating System is easy. Simply add and save your company information and EMS import/export folders via a single screen format and all of your company’s information will be stored and appear on the Material Estimate Report created. No data re-entry with each Material Estimate.

Pre-Loaded & Automatically Updated Profiles For Major Refinish Companies

MicroMix Material Estimating System includes information for the most commonly used refinish products in the collision industry. Pre-Loaded manufacturer profiles are created, stored and updated via MicroMix so users do not have to build or maintain individual profiles. Profiles contain product pricing for solvent and waterborne products based on suppliers suggested refinisher pricing and product usage rates based on collision industry research. MicroMix Material Estimating System also offers users the ability to;
> Create custom profiles
> Modify existing profiles
> Make adjustments for color
> Make general mark-ups and discounts.

Imports All EMS Data

Simple data transfer from AudaExplore, CCC One, CCC Compest and Mitchell UlltraMate enable users to create an itemized material estimate in under a minute. MicroMix imports all;
> Customer Information
> Vehicle Information
> Estimate Refinish Hours
> Estimate Blend Hours

View/Edit Estimated Materials

Single-Screen view displays Material Estimate details imported from estimating system and allows easy editing or viewing of all information. Users may also add hours for Body Repair, Prime & Block and De-Nib & Polish.

Itemized Material Estimate Reporting

Detailed, itemized and accurate material estimate reports are a few clicks away. Users have the option of creating a digital image or a printed copy of the estimate.

Each report features;
> Company information displayed in the report heading
> Customer and vehicle information desplayed in the heading
> Identification of material profile used for each estimate
> Detail and calculation of materials used